Upyri’s sole premise is rooted in the idea of eternal reconciliation and redemption for all beings. We are accomplishing this goal through entertaining, thought provoking situations ignited by the creation of an omnibus (Story Universe or Bible) that will be used in formulating the situations into stories. Our goals as a company are to

1) Create a Universe (omnibus) that will be used in the construction of multiple media platforms all existing in a single historical continuity, and

2) Spark dialogue that will push our fan base to think in a broader spectrum on the path to achieving a perfect love for self and all beings.

To help achieve our goals, we are recruiting storytellers with diverse experience in multiple platforms of media that are capable of working in a virtual writing room under a rigorous 12-month schedule. The ideal storyteller for this innovative process will be able to articulate distinctive, creative work, incorporate feedback and generate polished material within a 14-day period.

Are you up for the challenge? Click writers link and download the application and assessment and submit to: careers@upyri.tv.